2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Bath Bomb Lab

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DIY a gift of relaxation and fizziness
for Mother’s Day with homemade bath bombs

Even though bath bombs use sweet and floral scents as a form of relaxation, the main component that truly makes the bath bombs from the Science Academy Bath Bomb Lab unique is the fizz!

Science Academy Bath Bomb Lab, Bath Bombs on Towel


Making a fun shaped bath bomb

Using a clean beaker add*:

4 Spoons of Sodium Bicarbonate

Wipe the spoon clean before adding each of the following ingredients.)

2 Spoons of Cornstarch

2 Spoons of Citric Acid

30 drops of Glycerine to the dry mixture

2 drops ONLY of vanilla to the mixture

3 drops of the color of your choice

You might see a bit of fizzing after adding all of the ingredients – this is perfectly fine!
Using a stirring stick, mix the ingredients to combine. The mixture will be crumbly.

Test Your Mix:
Squeeze a pinch of mixture to see if it stays in a soft lump. If it is very dry and too crumbly, add 1 more drop of Glycerine and a half spoonful of Cornstarch and stir again.

Spoon some of the mixture into a shape of your choice to start.
Press each spoonful down gently but firmly with your finger. Keep going until the mold is full. Let sit for 24 hours so the bath bombs can fully harden!

Carefully loosen the bath bomb around the edges by gently bending the mold.
Carefully tip it into your hand or onto a paper towel.

(*Find full instructions and more troubleshooting tips in the guide book included with the Science Academy Bath Bomb Lab.)

Your bath bombs are ready to be packaged to give as a gift! 

Bonus DIY: Learn how to make this gift box from Craft & Creativity.
(We used pages from Color Daze Book 4!)

Bath Bomb Lab Bath Bombs in DIY Box


What’s your favorite bath bomb shape for Mom this Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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