2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Make Your Own Puzzles

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Another gift with a surprise result:
Make Your Own Puzzles for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Making personalized jigsaw puzzles is easy with Make Your Own Puzzles from MindWare!

Make Your Own Puzzles Mother's Day


1. Select a photo or artwork, trim it to measure 4” x 6”, and place it face down in the plastic tray.

2. Peel off the backing from one of the foam boards to reveal the adhesive, and place the foam board in the plastic tray so the adhesive side sticks to the back of your photo or artwork.

3. Remove your prepared photo or artwork from the tray and slide it face up into the machine until the upper right corner comes to a stop under the puzzle punch.

4. Gently press down on the lever to punch out your first piece. (The piece will drop into the drawer below the punch.)

5. To continue making pieces, slide your photo to the right until comes to a stop below the punch. Make sure your picture is pushed as far is it can go into the punch and that the top edge of your photo is pressing against the top edge of the machine. Gently press down on the lever. Repeat this process until the first row has been cut. Empty the drawer to avoid a jam.

6. Repeat this process for the next two lines until all pieces have been cut.

7. If you make a mistake and don’t push your photo fully below the punch one time, don’t worry and keep going! A few pieces will not be uniform, but your puzzle should still work.

Make Your Own Mother's Day Puzzles


What photo or artwork do you want to turn into a personalized jigsaw puzzle? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And, visit MindWare.com for even more gift ideas for Mother’s Day! 

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