2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Secret Pixx

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Create a special message-in-a-bracelet for Mom!

When the Secret Pixx bracelets are wrapped and worn they simply look like colorful and fun jewelry. But when the bracelet is unclasped and stacked flat, the secret message is revealed!

Secret Pixx Bracelet on wrist


Plan Your Secret Secret Pixx Tray and Template with Tweezers

Your design is your secret! It can be an image, meaningful word or even a hidden message for a friend. For Mother’s Day we created a design of our own.


Place the Beads

Slide your complete template or cut out template into the sorting tray as shown. Place your beads one by one into the sorting tray into the corresponding squares, make sure to align the holes in the beads. Use the tweezers for easier placement.


Secret Pixx Completed Bracelet with Template Make the Bracelet

First, string and secure the button clasp. Then, start on the first row of the design tray with the first round bead. String the beads from left to right until you reach the final round bead in the first row. When you move down to the next row, you will string your beads in the opposite direction. This time moving from right to left, through the design tray.

This technique will allow your design to zig-zag properly when you want to reveal your secret message!


More than just Mother’s Day

The Secret Pixx guidebook includes 6 designs that we think are fun to make. You can follow our step by step instructions to make these 6 bracelets, or you can choose to make designs of your own using the design pad. (Like we did above!)

Secret Pixx Bracelet Examples


What secret message do you want to share with Mom this Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And, visit MindWare.com for more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas! 

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