2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Paint Your Own Stepping Stone

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Gift Mom one stepping stone or make a whole pathway to
transform her garden, backyard or patio!

The Paint Your Own Stepping Stones: Mosaic is an all-weather stepping stone that is ready to paint right out of the box!

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone Mother's Day 2017

Plan Your Design Paint Your Own Stepping Stone Mosaic Template

Use the design guide and color planning template to help you decide how to paint your stepping stone. Full size templates can be downloaded at MindWare.com.


Prepare Your Work Area

1. Use disposable paper to protect your work surface.

2. Paint may stain. Protect your clothing before opening the paint.


Prepare Your Paints

1. Stir each paint pot to mix the paint prior to use.

2. To prevent the paints from drying out, replace the lid and open only one color at a time as you paint.


Paint Your Stone!

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone Mosaic Mother's Day 2017


How will you design a stepping stone for Mom this Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

And, visit MindWare.com for more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas! 

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