6 Reasons Why Mine Shift Should Be In Your Game Collection

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6 Reasons Why Mine Shift Should Be In Your
Classroom or Home Game Collection

By Guest Blogger: Kim G. 

As an elementary educator and mom, I am always on the look out for fun educational games that push my students and my boys to really think strategically and grow their problem solving capabilities. Mine Shift has not only met all of my expectations but exceeded them.

Here are six reasons why Mine Shift is a must-have in your classroom or home game collection:

  1. It is educational. Players are constantly working on critical thinking and math skills such as spatial reasoning in a fun way as they maneuver their four gems through a maze of walls from a starting base to the home base on the opposite side. It would be a perfect addition to your math centers or indoor recess game collection.
  2. Players are constantly thinking on their feet. On each turn, players may make three moves which can consist of moving a jewel one step, rotating a tile, or shifting an entire tile to another position within the game. As the game is being played, every move changes the way the game looks so players must constantly adapt their strategy. Players need to plan ahead both offensive and defensive moves. My students said they loved the challenge and often found multiple ways to out outplay their opponents.
  3. It never gets boring. Each time you play the game it will look and be different as the 27 game tile cards get shuffled and repositioned. Only 10-12 tiles are used in each game.
  4. The game can be modified to challenge your students further. As stated in the instruction manual, the original version of the game can be extended in several different ways in order to challenge your students/children even further. The variation my students especially enjoyed was being able to flip over a tile in the stack and then strategically place it anywhere on the game board. It added a whole new element of strategy to the game.
  5. It can be a great collaborative and communication opportunity. You can make this into a more collaborative game by having students work in pairs. I found that a majority of my 2nd – 5th grade students preferred to play the game this way as they liked to talk through different approaches. They expressed that their partner made them see different solutions and strategies that they hadn’t seen or thought of before.
  6. You will get your money’s worth and more. With a metal case and thick, strong game tiles, the entire game is very well made and built to last. It is quick to set up and easy put away. It went through the hands of my 500+ students and still looks brand new.


All of my 2nd grade – 5th grade students played and LOVE this game. With a little bit of extra support at the beginning, I found that even my six year old could play and hold his own against his older brother despite the age range being age 8 and up. It has been my students’ and boys’ favorite game this year. There have been lots of groans of disappointment that our class time is over, and we have to put it away. Many have asked their regular classroom teacher and parents to purchase it so they can play it more often.

About Kim:

Kim is nine year veteran elementary and middle school educator as well as a mom to two elementary-aged boys. Currently, she is teaching a class at an elementary school called LOGIC where students work on life skills, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking through games and hands-on activities. She works the entire Kindergarten through 5th grade student body.


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