Award winning games from MindWare! Four MindWare games honored with Parents’ Choice Awards!

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Good toys are about construction, not destruction. They’re about sparking imaginations, not stifling them. Good toys (and puzzles and games) offer new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing, and new ways of creating. Good toys, be they rooted in tradition or launched by technology, offer new approaches to learning; imagination, not a power supply, is the catalyst. From the magic of science to the worlds of make believe, learning adventures are propelled by puppets, mind-bending puzzles, and some knock-your-socks-off games.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! MindWare is thrilled to announce that four of our games have been awarded with Parents’ Choice Awards!

Blind Spell

Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner

On first inspection, Blind Spell looked too simple. I didn’t think it would hold my children’s attention, but then we played it and couldn’t stop. It requires both spelling and good sensory skills, plus the ability to laugh at your sometimes goofy results. (

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Mine Shift

Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner

This fun strategy game adopts pieces and moves that make it feel like a more complex version of the African stone game Mancala. In the starting and easiest configuration, players lay down 10 tiles in a designated pattern, each getting a home tile on opposite sides. Each player gets four “jewels” that he needs to move across the tile configuration to the opponent’s home tile. Using more tiles in different configurations make for greater difficulty. Like Mancala, despite being seemingly simple, this is an addictive game that tests strategic thinking. And the bonus: A typical game last only about 20 minutes. (

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Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner

They call it a “pattern game with a flip side,” and that’s what it is. Pure strategic thinking is needed to play this fast-moving and simple, but simply mind-provoking game. Using their set of 16 colorful, patterned tiles, players race against each other to be the first to recreate the 18-square pattern on one of the 50 puzzle cards.  (

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Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner

Keva Contraptions’ Trebuchet kit is a topnotch build-your-own craft kit that doubles as a science lesson. Children receive a stack of raw wood planks, wood scale boards, wood glue, string, balls, and a sling pouch. The very clear and graphically engaging instructions guide them as they assemble these materials into a complex, functional, mechanical trebuchet. Once completed, the toy stands over a foot tall. (

educational toys for kids

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