Challenging and fun: Perplexors logic puzzles from MindWare

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Deductive reasoning is the process of comprehending a set of given information, and organizing that information to reach logically-certain conclusions. In other words, deductive reasoning means using clues to help you reach a solution.

Deductive reasoning skills are important for both math and science, and are also essential skills to have for solving everyday quandaries. For example, how do you get from Point A to Point B when the main road is closed? How do you finish making a recipe when you’re missing one of the ingredients? How do you figure out which educational game is the right one for your son or daughter?

So how can you sharpen your deductive reasoning skills? Challenge yourself with logic puzzles, like Perplexors from MindWare!

The Perplexors series of puzzle books require you to read clues and use the “cross-out-and-circle” technique to logically deduce the correct answer through a process of elimination. Try our bestselling classic Perplexors books, or try Math Perplexors, Venn Perplexors and Grid Perplexors variations on the popular puzzles. And look for six brand-new Perplexors books being released this September!

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