Christmas in July

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Christmas in July

(A throwback blog post from last holiday season
to get you in the spirit for Christmas in July!)

By Guest Blogger: Becky A., A Place To Nest

Since it’s November now, I don’t have to hide the fact that I’ve secretly been listening to Christmas music since before Halloween, right? Given that my brain is centered towards all things Christmas, it is only appropriate (and fun) for me to share what goodies I picked up from this year to give to my daughters as gifts and fun winter-day activities.


Dig It Up! 

I’ll start with a favorite from last year… Dig It Up! Last year I got the Dig it Up! Fossils & Minerals set that I divided in half so each girl could get six mystery fossils to excavate.  Those ended up being one of their favorite gifts once my youngest daughter realized that we hadn’t given her a lump of coal in her stocking!

Given that that set was such a hit, this year I decided to pick up the Dig it Up! Discoveries: Sea Life and Dig it Up! Discoveries: Wild Animals sets for my youngest daughter.  She won’t have to share this year so I foresee many hours of dedicated excavating in her future and I have a feeling that the Dig it Up! Discoveries series is going to be a Christmas tradition in our household.


Unbored Traditions 

Speaking of traditions, I’m planning to start a new one this New Year’s Eve with the help of MindWare.

I picked up the Unbored Time Capsule and we plan to complete the activities inside, as well as adding our own pictures and moments, to commemorate and preserve who our family was in 2017. I’m not sure how long we will wait to re-open our time capsule (mostly because I’m impatient and I’m not sure I can wait too many years to peek inside again) but whenever we decide to open it, I know it’s going to be fun to look back and remember this special New Year’s Eve.

Once the excitement and anticipation of Christmas and New Year’s is over, we still have many months of cold, dark, yucky, icy and snowy weather ahead. Can you tell that I don’t like winter? I hate being cold and I hate not being able to go anywhere because the weather doesn’t allow us to get out of the house as I like to do every day. With that in mind, I’m preparing myself with some fun indoor activities to keep the girls busy and having fun!

Even though I hate snow outside, I’m perfectly fine with creating it inside with MindWare’s Make Your Own Snow Globe kits. I picked up the Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globes and the Make Your Own Glitter Photo Snow Globes sets.  I know both girls will love creating these adorable little snow globes and displaying them in their rooms!


Educational Gift Giving 

Did you think I was going to share some MindWare products and NOT mention some things that are educational? As a homeschool Mom, I’m all about things that are fun and sneakily educational! The girls will never know that they’re learning a thing! (Evil Chuckle!)

The Logic Links Puzzle Box and Noodlers Puzzle Box fit that category perfectly and aren’t so easy that my oldest daughter, or even my husband and I, couldn’t be challenged by them! I’m also a sucker for a good dot-to-dot for number practice and plain old entertainment but MindWare doesn’t do anything typical. Even their dot-to-dot books are unique like this Extreme Dot to Dot Stickers: Book 4 with STICKERS! Stickers make everything more fun and I can’t wait to give this book to my youngest daughter to play with! It’s the perfect amount of dots for her level (they have other dot-to-dot books with WAYYYY more dots) and will keep her entertained for a long time!


MindWare is such a unique company so when you find yourself tiring of all the typical gifts that are out there in the stores… take a peek at and you are sure to find toys, games, gifts and activities that you’ve never seen before!


About Becky:

Becky is a busy stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom of 2 girls.  Her passion is helping other women to care for their homes, their families and themselves! She loves sharing all of that and more on her YouTube channel, A Place to Nest.


How are you celebrating Christmas in July? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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