Dot-to-Dot Books for the Future PhD in Your Family

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If you’re like me, with a 10-year old who’s going on 15 and thinks he’s outgrown all of those “silly kid games,” you’ll appreciate this story.  I was recently introduced to the most incredible dot-to-dot books I have ever seen (check them out here). These are not your “dot-to-dots” that are on the flip side of the kids’ menu at your local restaurant, these are EXTREME dot-to-dots.  We’re talking about literally thousands of dots and numbers on the pages that kids have to connect to see the final image.45018_l

So, back to my 10-year-old.  Upon seeing the Extreme Dot-to-Dots, I brought the book home and said to him, “Hey, buddy, I brought you special present that I think you’re really going to like!”  Of course, his eyes lit up and he begged me to tell him right away what it was.  When I proudly exclaimed, “It’s a ‘dot-to-dot’ book!” he looked at me like I had totally lost my mind.

“No, you’re really going to love it,” I assured him as he rolled his eyes as if to say, “puh-leeeez!!!”

So, I opened the book to the middle puzzle that has about 3,000 dots on it and told him, “Buddy, this isn’t your every day dot-to-dot.”  I only wish I had a camera on-hand to get the shot of his jaw dropping to the table! He blurted, “Cooooool!” and immediately ripped the book from my hand and said, “I’ve got to do this!”

The little guy proceeded to go to work, spending the next 45 minutes on the puzzle and finishing about half of it before taking a break.  He later completed that puzzle and stuffed it into his back pack so he could show it off to his buddies at school.  Not a bad reaction for a kid that was “way too grown up” for a dot-to-dot book.  He’ll be getting more in his stocking this Christmas!

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