Encourage Innovation and Creativity in Your Children

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Happy National Inventors Month! Where would we be had Thomas Edison not invented the light bulb? What if James Naismith has never invented the game of basketball? And life would be a whole lot different had Josephine Cochran not invented the dishwasher in 1886!

The point is, invention changes the way we live—and the future holds plenty of opportunities for our kids to change the world again with their own inventions.

When you encourage your kids to be innovative and creative from a young age, you are drawing on something that comes naturally to most children: their imagination! Young children are growing and exploring, and their brains may process new stimulus in ways that adults never would have thought of.

Encouraging your children‘s fresh, unbiased outlook on the world helps to develop their innovation and creativity. Provide your child with engaging materials that allow for imaginative, open-ended play (art supplies, building blocks, etc.). Observe as they play, and don’t get too concerned if they begin to play in an unconventional way.  Instead, ask questions such as, “What do you think about this?” or “What should we do next”? or “How do we make this better?

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Even if your children don’t develop the world’s next great invention this month, they will be well on the way to developing critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout life!

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One thought on “Encourage Innovation and Creativity in Your Children

  1. What a well written article! I especially liked the the questions to ask instead of getting concerned. Stimulating the mind and promoting creativity is so important for our children. Thank you.

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