Friday = Family Game Night

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Family Game Night Product Roundup


Take some time tonight to unplug, unwind and unleash your competitive nature with a family game night. In addition to the classics like Qwirkle and Q-Bitz, MindWare offers a variety of great games, new and old, for game night any night!



New Board Games from MindWare

Sapphiro PackagingSapphiro

Dazzling gems are the focus of your quest in this fun family game of luck and strategy. Play your diamond tiles to capture rubies, emeralds and other valuable jewels by matching colors and surrounding the gems. Be careful not to leave a quick or easy way for your opponents to do the same. Be the first to collect six jewels—one of each color—and your quest for fortune will be complete! Quality-made with a wooden board and tiles, Sapphiro is too beautiful and fun to ever put away! For 2 to 4 players. Ages 6 and up.



Cudaki PackagingCudaki

Scientists have discovered mutant species on a remote uncharted island. Now the race is on to collect as many animals as possible for further study. But, scientists must use caution since collecting the wrong animal at the wrong time could prove dangerous. Use the criteria cards to help you decide what animals to keep and which to avoid. A keen eye, speedy hands and mental agility will serve you well! For 2 to 4 players. Ages 6 and up.



E-I-E-I-Go PackagingE-I-E-I-Go

It’s time for Old MacDonald’s barnyard dash! Just shake the silo to see which animal all players need to match. Then it’s a rolling race to the finish line as players try to be the first to collect a matching set. When all of your dice match, make the animal’s sound and celebrate—you’ve earned an animal token! Win 4 tokens and take home the grand prize. Fine motor skills, visual perception and counting skills grow and strengthen every time you play. A parent guide extends the educational fun with opportunities for learning animal sounds and names from languages around the world. Ages 4 to 8.



Games For the Older Kids

Choice Words PackagaingChoice Words

PAL Award Winner, Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year Award Winner, Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement Winner and Toy of The Year Finalist!
When you play Choice Words, recalling popular phrases is only half the battle. With two types of game play, you’ll need to match other players’ answers – either the most or the least! In “Scratch Play,” score one point for each phrase that other players haven’t thought of. In “Match Play,” score points for correctly guessing how other players will fill in the blanks. As time runs out, the phrases get more far-flung in this hilarious contest of wits and words. Fun for the whole family! Two or more players. Ages 10 and up.


PicWits PackagingPicWits

Every picture is worth a thousand laughs as players try to match their PicWits photo cards with the judge’s caption card. Which picture in your hand is the perfect fit? Of course, it all depends upon personal perspective! Your photo card will be assessed against the cards of your competitors; the match-ups can be literal or ludicrous, accurate or outrageous. If the judge picks your card, you win the round! Each round is filled with surprising and comical comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events. With a new judge every round, tailoring your photo card to perfectly fit the personality of each player makes for one hilarious game! Four or more players. Ages 10 and up.


Crazy Letters PackagingCrazy Letters

PAL Award Winner!
This fast-paced word game will strengthen quick-thinking skills and leave everyone wondering which way is up! Players roll the die to determine a category (such as “Games & Hobbies” or “In the Kitchen”) and then draw a card. The first player to figure out the jumbled letters shouts out the word to win the card. You may need to read from right to left or from the bottom up, and unique fonts and rotated letters add to the topsy-turvy challenge. The player to collect 20 cards first wins! Includes 540 word cards and 1 large die. For 2 or more players. Ages 10 and up.



What are your go-to games for family game night? Share with us in the comments below, and at @MindWareToys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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