Launch into Scientific Fun with Contraptions Catapult from MindWare!

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Our Contraptions Catapult is a fantastic, build-it-yourself toy that introduces kids to basic physics principles while they play. The catapult comes with step-by-step instructions that let your children complete the project with minimal help from mom and dad, building their confidence and developing their ability to follow directions.

Experiment with trajectories by launching different materials and adjusting the flight deck height. Try flinging a macaroni noodle versus a marshmallow, or compare the journey of a jellybean to that of a piece of popcorn. Kids will learn how weight and angle affect distance, all while having fun!

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Here are some comments from MindWare parents about the Contraptions Catapult:

My son loves the catapult and has spent many hours playing with it. The kit was very easy to put together and has held up well.

My son loved this toy! He built it by himself and then challenged his father to a knock down test to see who could knock down a castle faster with the catapult. This was great for a 12-year old birthday gift.
–  J. Fusco

My son received this as a gift and he absolutely loved it! He loved that the instructions look like blueprints on blue paper. He felt grownup making this project and it is so sturdy he and his friends have been shooting all sorts of objects at the included target all weekend. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
– Christy

The Contraptions Catapult kit comes with everything you need to play and build, including pre-drilled planks, wood glue, a leather strap, a ruler, rubber bands, a wooden launch cup, 3 bean bags, a target mat and fasteners. Let the scientific fun begin!

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