#MakeItMonday: Paint Your Own Pallet

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#MakeItMonday – Watch for DIY content Mondays throughout the summer!

Paint Your Own Wood Pallet Sign

You will need:

How to make it:

Step 1: Prep your space – we used a brown paper shopping bag.

Step 2: Plan your design

Step 3: Paint your pallet


Design #1 – Blue-tinted white wash background with provided stencil design on top

Step 4: Paint background (and allow time to dry fully!)

To make a white wash:

On a disposable plate, mix together white paint and a small dab of the color of your choosing. Use more or less white paint to adjust the tint of
the white wash. Wet your paintbrush so it is damp but not soaking wet. With the wet paintbrush, pick up some of your white wash mixture and apply to the pallet.

Don’t add too much water! And, mix a lot – the wood is porous so it will require more paint than the Paint Your Own Porcelain kits.

Step 5: After the background has dried, paint your final design.

Using the stencil: 

While using the provided stencil, press down on the stencil as you paint. Use small amounts of paint at a time to fill in the letter so that the paint does not bleed underneath your stencil, and let each letter to dry before painting the next.


Design #2 – Sponge Painted Background with DIY stencil design on top

Step 4: Paint background and allow time to dry fully

To sponge paint:

Create a unique textured look for your pallet background with the sponge brush. Gently dip the moistened sponge brush* into a small
pool of paint. Dab the sponge over the surface of the pallet until you are satisfied with the effect. Colors can be layered for a unique look.

*The sponge holds more water than you think!


Step 5: Plan and create your DIY stencil.

Make Your DIY Stencil:

Print a black and white image on computer paper sized to fit the 10” pallet. On the back side (white side) of the printed paper, liberally apply a layer of chalk. Flip the printed paper over and carefully place on you pallet where you would like to leave the chalk imprint. Using a sharpened pencil, trace all of the details of the design.


Step 5: Paint over your stenciled design.

Chalk can easily be painted over, and excess chalk is easily removed with a wet paintbrush.


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