#MakeItMonday: Rice Sensory Bags

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Rice Sensory Bags

Also known as I (or “Eye”) spy challenges, these bags also:

  • Promote focus, concentration and patience
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Introduce different tactile textures and sensations
  • Teach object identification


You will need:

  • Storage bags – gallon size bags are used below, but they were made smaller using tape.
  • Rice
  • Tape
  • Objects for each sensory bag you create – There are two examples below: The first includes all 26 letters of the alphabet; The second contains miscellaneous objects including numbers, a Qwirkle tile, Q-BA-MAZE marble, and more!




How to make it:

Step 1: Add the objects and rice to the storage bag.

Make sure to take a picture of the contents before putting in the bag! This will be used as the guide for object identification.

We used 4 cups of rice in the ABC bag, and 2 cups in the I Spy bag.



Step 2: Fold and seal the open end of the bag.*

*Leave some are in the bag! Trial and error showed that if not enough air is left in the bag the rice was hard to manipulate around the objects in the bag.


Step 3: Put the sealed bag inside a second storage bag.



Step 4: Tape all edges to create a viewing boarder around the bag.



Step 5: Print the picture of the objects (taken in Step 1) and laminate using laminating sheets (or just clear packing tape!), and attach it to the bag.


Step 6: Play!




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