Mine Shift: An Award Winning Educational Game from MindWare

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Mine Shift is a maze game of shifting strategy from MindWare. It’s also a Mensa Select Award winner! The object of the game is to be the first person to move all of your jewels into your opponent’s home tile.

Shift a game tile to move a mine wall and allow your gemstone through. Or you can rotate tiles to prevent your opponent from moving. You’ve got to put on your strategic thinking hat to move through all the walls.

And since the 27 board tiles are set up differently each time you play, you have to constantly come up with new strategies to beat your opponent.

Here’s what other MindWare customers are saying about Mine Shift!

Mine Shift is fun and definitely entertaining. Constantly changing board makes for a new game each time. Game is simple to learn and easy to play. I would definitely recommend this game to all.
– Christopher

So many strategic possibilities with this game. Great for all ages. This has become a real family favorite!
– Eddie

Great new game; easy to learn; addicting; offers a strategy format that will be enjoyed by both novices and diehard gamers.
– F. Stevens

You can read more customer reviews and learn about other educational toys from MindWare at MindWare.com.

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