#MakeItMonday: Qwirkle for the Colorblind

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#MakeItMonday – Watch for DIY content Mondays throughout the summer! Qwirkle for the Colorblind   Colorblindness, also called Color Vision Deficiency, is a reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors. Qwirkle is played by building rows and columns of brightly-colored tiles that are either all the same color or all the same shape, without creating duplicates. The combination of the two creates a challenge! Here are a few ways to make your Qwirkle game into a game that's fun for the colorblind.   Items we used:


Qwirkle Packaging
Qwirkle Celebrates 10th Anniversary, More Than Three Million Games Sold Worldwide Qwirkle, invented by Susan McKinley Ross, is MindWare's best-selling board game. Qwirkle consists of 108 wooden tiles players use to make lines that are either all one color or all one shape without having any duplicate tiles in the line. Complete a line of six tiles and score a “Qwirkle” for six bonus points. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins! Ten years and more than three million games sold means:

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